Picosecond Laser Scar Revision

  • Trading since 2017

  • Treatment available for all skin types
  • FDA-approved and state-of-the-art laser technology
  • Better clearance with fewer treatments than traditional lasers
  • Trading since 2017

  • FDA-approved and state-of-the-art laser technology
  • Better clearance with fewer treatments than traditional lasers
  • Treatment available for all skin types

PicoStar Scar Revision Services

Scar revision with the PicoStar laser is incredibly successful due to its short photoacoustic pulse length. It is the shortest on the market, boasting 300 – picoseconds.

This Picosecond pulse length alongside the gold standard Nd: YAG 1064nm wavelength offers dermal remodelling, reducing scar tissue and improving the texture of the skin tone.

It is safe on all skin types due the deep penetrating 1064nm laser wavelength.

The Remedy to Wrinkles
The Remedy to Wrinkles

How Does It Work & How Many Sessions Will I Need?

A fractional handpiece is used to offer LIOBS deep in the skin. LIOBS – standing for laser-induced optical breakdown. This creates a photoacoustic plasma release and new growth factors healing and repairing the skin from deep within.

Downtime is minimal as it only treats tiny micro-zones leaving the surrounding skin intact. For most scarring, a course of 4 sessions can improve the appearance of a scar by up to 80%. The Fractional Picosecond treatment can be repeated every 4-5 weeks.

For more complex scarring a course of 6 sessions may be needed. A consultation to assess the scar type and suitability to treatment is the first step and then a treatment plan will be explained during this consultation time.

Our Industry-leading Equipment



  • Manufactured by Cynosure.
  • A cutting-edge medical device used for various aesthetic and dermatological procedures.
  • Utilises a unique picosecond laser technology, delivering ultra-short pulses of energy to the targeted area.
  • It can break down tattoo ink and pigment particles into smaller fragments more efficiently than traditional lasers, resulting in faster and more thorough tattoo removal.
  • It removes tattoos up to 75% faster than traditional Nd:Yag lasers.
  • The ultra-short pulses generated also stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, promoting skin rejuvenation and reducing the appearance of wrinkles, acne scars, and other textural irregularities.


  • Manufactured by Asclepion.
  • Like the PicoSure, the PicoStar utilises advanced picosecond laser technology.
  • A pulse duration of 300 picoseconds, making it the most powerful unit on the market.
  • The laser’s state-of-the-art technology and high power outputs make it highly effective for scar removal and breakdown treatments.
  • PicoStar is particularly effective in treating a wide range of pigment colors, from darker colors to blue and red.
  • It offers automatic spot detection and adjustable spot size for precise and adaptable treatments.
  • Provides the best results for those with darker skin tones.

Scar Revision FAQ

Picosecond laser scar revision can address different types of scars, including surgical scars, traumatic scars, acne scars, hypertrophic scars (raised scars), and keloid scars. The specific scar revision technique used may vary depending on the characteristics of the scar and the individual’s unique needs.
The goal of scar revision is to minimise the visibility of the scar and improve its appearance. While scar revision techniques can significantly reduce the appearance of scars, complete elimination may not always be possible.

The success of scar revision depends on various factors such as the type of scar, its location, and individual healing characteristics. During a consultation, our experienced professionals will evaluate your scar and discuss the expected outcome based on your specific situation.

The results of scar revision can be long-lasting, but it’s important to note that individual outcomes may vary. While scar revision can significantly improve the appearance of scars, factors such as the scar’s size, depth, and the body’s natural healing process can influence the long-term results.

Our professionals will provide you with post-treatment care instructions to optimise the healing process and maintain the best possible outcome.

Our Reviews

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Really friendly and knowledgeable team! No blisters and part of the chest piece is completely gone after our firs session. See you soon!

Just had my 3rd session with Jamie, always a pleasure. Will definitely recommend.

After having a terrible experience elsewhere I couldn’t compliment the experience here more highly. From start to finish it was worlds apart and I’d recommend the clinic and the staff to anyone needing this service. 100% make the effort to travel, the 2 hour journey was well worth it. Experienced staff with the highest end equipment.

Always a great service with the guys at Skin Renew London. Currently remove upper arm tattoo – 5 sessions down and going well.

Great service, polite, friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming staff. State of the art equipment and exceptionally clean studio

I’m very happy with the treatment and my experience was very nice, very professional Recommend !!!

Jamie took time to explain the process and answer my questions. He was professional and I felt at ease. Treatment itself was more than the tattoo itself, but was done in stages and was very quick. I look forward to the progress in the coming weeks.

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